Friday, November 30, 2007

October Meeting

somebodies vs. nobodies

Certamen: The Nobodies
Skit: The Somebodies

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A New Generation Discovers Latin

After all, if we do witness an increase in the number of masses offered partly or mostly in Latin over the next generation, the recovery of this beautiful and richly meaningful practice will surely be aided by the growing numbers of children — including many children of Catholic families — studying the Latin language today. Why the upsurge in interest? Turns out Arrius Potterus (as he is known in the new Latin translation of Rowling's first book) gets a good deal of the credit. (more)
[Editor's note: I am not hereby endorsing reading Rowling's work! Anyone in my family or who reads my blog knows of my reserve about the Harry Potter series. I also don't think that Hogwarts has a classical curriculum, even if they use a lot of Latin. In fact, I think many of the problems in the stories stem from an alienation of the wizarding educational system from both classical and religious thought--very similar to the problems that beset our own educational system.]