Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Last Night's Meeting

Last night's meeting was wonderful. We had a great crowd. The evening began with the prayer, "Veni, Sancte Spiritus." Next we had the song/round "Pauper Sum Ego," a student commercium from the middle ages. After that, Certamen, a game show type contest about Roman and Greek language, culture and history. Team C, captained by N.G., won.

Following that there was the presentation of the awards from the Wisconsin Junior Classical League convention in January. We won first place in Spirit for small schools. We also won first in the war machine contest, the men's costume contest, and the drawing contest. We won various individual ribbons for the twelve subject tests that the delegates participated in. It was a nice celebration of our accomplishments.

In the business part of the meeting we began with voting on amendments to the bylaws. The revised bylaws will be posted soon. Next, the president's report and valediction, the treasurer's report and the moderator's report.

Finally, we had the elections. After wonderful speeches--the best in club history--we elected the following: for the Triumvirate; M. B.--president, M. Z.--vice president, P. F.--Secretary/treasurer: for the non-executive officers; K. M.--historian, E.Z.--technology coordinator.

Finally, we had the cake prepared by K.M. in celebration of a wonderful year full of fun and accomplishments and in celebration of the new things to come under the new administration. And, as M.B. said in her speech (or something like it), Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!