Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Minutes from the October Meeting

The Decliner

Journal for the Dead Language Latin Club

Minutes Issue                                                                               Editor: Michèle Mot Juste

October 20, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Starting time: 7:06 p.m.

Opening Prayer

Pater Noster


Gaudeamus Igitur (the song was sung in rousing tones)


 Certamen: T.G. was given the steering oar, and the game proceeded with much vim.

The teams (Secretarial, Vice-Presidential, and Presidential) were placed as follows:

  • Third Place - the Vice-Presidential team, with 50 points
  • Second Place - the Presidential team, with 75 points
  • First Place - the Secretarial team, with 105 points

Trireme building contest: The time allowed for each team to create their trireme was 30 minutes and the materials masking tape and popsicle sticks. At the end of the time allotment the judges conferred and delivered the following scores:

  • Third Place - the Vice Presidential team, with 7 points
  • Second Place - the Secretarial team, with 13 points
  • First Place - the Presidential team, with 15 points

There will be more on the triremes in the Art Column.



Treasurer’s Report: The coffers contain $37.02

Moderators report: The contents of the report are as follows:

List of members must be created.

The dues have changed. It is now $2 for state dues, $2 for national dues, and $10 for the club as a whole.

Convention information is now out on the web at www.wjcl.org.

Prepared oratory. Prepared oratory is the one convention category that has not been entered by a member of the club, and if possible Dr. Gotcher would like someone to attempt it this year.

This year’s theme is, The level of success is limited only by our imagination. It was immediately suggested that the symbol of Robinson Industries be put on this year’s door.

 A date is needed for the Saturnalia party. The triumvirate will deliberate with the moderators and announce their decision as soon as may be.

Planning meeting. The November meeting will be the convention planning meeting.

Everyone who is taking the National Latin Exam must be signed up by January.

President’s Report: A library of some 300 books [all of a classical nature] is in the possession of J.B. and L.Z. and is currently deposited at the Z’s house. If you are in need of a particular title or subject, e-mail Mrs. Z or go on the web site; the address of which will be sent out shortly.

Vox Populi: K.M. stresses the vital importance of cough drops.

Closing Prayer

Salve Regina

End time: 9:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

P.F., Secretary


Memorable Quotes of the Day 

“I love us!” - K.M.

“One ream to rule them all.” Secretarial Triremers

“E., M., and C. are one brain.” - N.G.

“I want a grape.” - P.F.

Memorable Happening

M. caught the jar. 

Art Column

By the Editor

            Whether you are for or against the idea of building competitions, there can by no disputing the fact that the products of Monday’s contest were very thought provoking and fraught with the psychology of the individual. The categories: Creativity, Authenticity and Aesthetic Appeal were personified in the predominant characteristics of the three triremes.

Aesthetic Appeal was given material shape in the trireme produced by the Vice-President’s team. Though lacking a few trireme-ish aspects, this piece was of pleasing form and clever construction.

Authenticity took shape in the hands of the team led by the Secretary. Unfortunately, this is all that can really be said in praise of a boat that looks like a cross between the Flying Dutchman and an over indulgence of the taping instinct.

Lastly, Creativity was personified by the trireme constructed by the President’s team.

This entries chief feature, its sail, was interesting in the extreme, and its value is in no way lessened by the information that the rest of it was constructed after the ten minute warning.

All in all it was most charming to watch the club’s artistic sensibilities take concrete form, and I look forward to having the pleasure repeated.

*   *   *   *   *

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Winning Trireme

Here is the winning entry for the craft at the October meeting.  The craft was triremes made from popcicle sticks and masking tape.

More from the October meeting

Second and third place entrys and the making of the triremes.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Minutes from the September Triumvirate Meeting

Triumvirate Meeting

Sunday September 14 2008

Duration: 7:30 - 9:10 p.m.



 For the convention - Study categories to be assigned to different students in each level

 Tentative category assignments:

 Level 2: E.Z. - Generals & Battles

 Level 3: J.V.H. - Emperors & Wives, M.B. - Generals & Battles, M.Z. - Literature or Maps

In the club - Advanced students are to be team captains.

 Next Meeting’s Agenda

 We will be building Roman Triremes with a variety of materials, the main one being popsicle sticks.

 It is decided that attendance will be taken and will be put in the minutes.

 Meeting location will be rotated on a Gotchers, west, Gotchers, west rotation.

 Meetings will be on third Mondays from 7:00 - 9:00.

 Group play

 Discussed idea of group play to be performed at Saturnalia and cast prior to it.


 Respectfully submitted,



Minutes from the August Triumvirate Meeting

Triumvirate Meeting

Friday August 29 2008

Duration: 10:07 - 12:19 a.m.



 Time dues are to be paid

 Alumni party (summer 09)

 Balloting method (ballots will not be read when they are cast)

 Club attending Latin Mass


 Prayers - Pater Noster, Salve Regina

 Song - Gaudeamus Igitur


 Skit - Descent of Odysseus into Hades


Respectfully submitted,



Thursday, October 02, 2008

Minutes from the September Meeting

The Decliner

Journal for the Dead Language Latin Club

 Minutes Issue                                                                                         Editor: Michèle Mot Juste

September 13, 2008

Meeting Minutes

 Starting time: 6:32 p.m.

 Opening Prayer

Pater Noster


Gaudeamus Igitur


 Explanation: A brief explanation of the Latin Club was given by the President.

 Introduction: All members were introduced.

 Game: Detur gloria soli Deo

 Skit: The Descent of Odysseus into Hades

            Teams for the skit were led by the President, Vice President, and Secretary, respectively.  The moderators, in their capacity as judges, after grave deliberation, awarded the places as follows:

  •  Third Place - the Presidential team
  • Second Place - the Secretarial team
  • First Place - the Vice Presidential team

There will be more on the skits in the Art Column.


 President’s Report: The President’s report was, as far as I can remember, non-existent.

 Treasurer’s Report: The club stock contains $82.02.

 Moderator’s report: Dr. Gotcher talked about:

 Preparing for convention

The idea is to assign the different study areas (Literature, Emperors, Generals/Battles, and Maps) to different people within each level.


These are to be paid at the October meeting.

Brief discussion about the blog

Number of authors to be kept minimal.


$45 is to be deducted from the treasury for Dr. Gotcher’s membership in the American Classical League.

 Also, should the remaining funds be spent on Saturnalia or study material?

 Closing Prayer

Salve Regina

End time: 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

P.F., Secretary

Art Column

By the Editor


            The skits on the Thirteenth of September were all very unique in flavor. If they had anything in common it was their general tendency toward humor, but they were, on the whole, well executed.


            As I have alluded to humor as a point of comparison for all the skits, I will evaluate them on that head.


            The first to be performed that evening was by the Vice-President and her associates. Its humor was of a subtle type, with the exception, possibly, of Circe’s “valley girl” jive and the Boat.


            The next, performed by the president’s team, was more lighthearted and will go down in history chiefly for its spruce military Odysseus, its British Elpenor, and the resemblance of the blind prophet to a fashion designer.


            The skit directed by the Secretary was staged last. At this point I, the Editor, am somewhat at a loss; for while it pains me to speak ill of a colleague, I must be truthful. The skit was a vulgar affair, very American, decently historical, but stooping to such lows as referring to Poseidon, the Earth Shaker, as P-dog.


*   *   *   *   *