Monday, February 04, 2008

WJCL Latin Convention - GMCHE Results

The GMCHE Latin Club or it's Various Members Received the Following Recognitions at the 50th annual Wisconsin Junior Classical League State Convention in Madison:

WJCL Scholarship

Spirit Award, Small Schools - first place

War Machines - first place

Costume - couple - third place

Costume - boys - first place

Door Decoration Contest - second place

Scrapbook - third place

Group T-Shirt - seventh place

Drawing - first place

Impromptu Essay - Level 1 - 10th place
Level 2 - 10th place
Level 3 - 6th place

Written Test Place Results (Member scores falling among the top ten scores of all those who took the particular test):

Level One:

Latin Derivates - 5th place, 7th place

Latin Literature - 7th place

Mythology - 1st place

Pentathalon - 3rd place

Reading Comprehension - 8th place

Roman History - 3rd place, 9th place

Roman Private Life - 7th place, 9th place

Vocabulary - 9th place

Level Two:

Greek Derivatives - 2nd place, 5th place

Greek History - 7th place, 10th place

Latin Derivatives - 3rd place, 6th place

Latin Literature - 10th place

Mythology - 3rd place, 8th place

Pentathalon - 3rd place

Reading Comprehension - 8th place, 9th place

Roman History - 5th place, 9th place

Roman Private Life - 4th place, 10th place

Vocabulary - 7th place

Level Three:

Grammar - 10th place

Greek History - 3rd place

Latin Derivates - 5th place

Latin Literature - 8th place

Mottos - 6th place

Mythology - 2nd place

Pentathalon - 2nd place

Reading Comprehension - 7th place

Roman History - 10th place

Roman Private Life - 10th place