Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minutes from our April Meeting

The Decliner

Journal for the Dead Language Latin Club


Minutes Issue

Editor: Michèle Mot-Juste

April 27, 2009

Meeting Minutes


  • [M.B.]
  • [I.F.]
  • [P.F.]
  • [E.G.]
  • [C.G.]
  • [N.G.]
  • [M.VH]
  • [Ja.VH]
  • [Jo.VH]
  • [E.Z.]
  • [M.Z.]


  • [Dr.G]
  • [Mrs.VH]

 Starting time: 6:42 p.m.


Opening Prayer

O Mi Iesu


 Opening Song

Gaudiamus Igitur







Moderators’ Report

As everything Latin is going swimmingly, the Moderators had very little to report aside from their admiration of the promo-video created by E.Z., our esteemed Tech Coordinator. These sentiments being generally shared, he was applauded enthusiastically by the masses, which applause I second. Three cheers for E.Z.!!

To the great relief of the Secretary, the possibility of re-recording Agitabimus Te was mentioned.

President’s Report

The President, after pacing gravely back and forth, said to the Club in stirring tones, “Elections are nigh! Fight or fly! Lest you die!” The President encouraged all candidates to tell the group via e-mail what they intended to run for and how they would be beneficial for the club in that office.

Treasurer’s Report

The numbers being in de scrapbook, it was reported that the Club owed K.M. $30.00. Once paid, the Club Funds will be $26.02.

General Information


  • M.Z. has not been reimbursed for the Convention T-shirts. The conclusive list of Debtors will be published presently.


  • Elections will be held at the June Meeting, which will take place at the G’s. A bonfire will be lit, and members burned at the Moderators’ discretion.


  • C.G. will be drafting an amendment to the By-Laws to safeguard the 2¢ for posterity.


  • The Club will attend a Latin Mass at St. Stanislaus Church in Milwaukee on the 21st of May.


 Guest Speaker

The guest speaker, Mrs. Brauer, gave an edifying and informational talk about the anatomy of the Latin Mass.

Closing Prayer

Decade of the Rosary for Michael Zambo


Closing Song

Regina Coeli


End time: 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


P. F.