Saturday, January 31, 2009

2nd Place Qualitative Trophy!

The Qualitative Trophy is based on average number of points per student. This includes academic (including written tests, certamen, art and more) and spirit points totaled together and divided by the number of students.

1st Place Spirit Trophy - Medium Sized Schools!

War Machines Contest - Second Place!

GMCHE Roll Call - Thursday Night

Roll call is a 45 second introduction to your school. It needs to contain some very basic information and is supposed to be funny. Going with our "Meet the Robinsons" theme (which we thought pertained well to the state convention theme of "Our success is only limited by our imagination"), we had Lewis and the Bowler Hat guy introduce our team:

Our "Meet the Robinsons" contingent after roll call.

We'll find out today how we scored on roll call and many other things.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Certamen Level 1 Finalists! (Friday Night)

Our first ever finalists in certamen. They came out in third place among level 1 Certamen teams. We are psyched!!!

We Interrupt Our Attempts at Updating You to Give You an Update

We just found out quite suddenly that our level 1 team, unbeknownst to us, made it to the certamen finals. We may not even get our door decorated in time for that contest because everyone just ran off to cheer on their team.

How do you like our t-shirts?

Salvete fideles parentes et amici!

First Report

Salvete Omnes!

I know this is a little tardy and I can't post pictures yet. We're all doing great and are very excited about our strong delegation. After competing as a "small school" in previous years, we discovered to our surprise that we now rank as a medium-sized school. We learned this when they announced us as the winner of this morning's spirit competition among the medium-sized schools.

Lots of pictures coming soon. We're heading off to certamen competitions (we're competing at levels I, II and IV) and the war machines contest in just a bit.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're Heading to the State Latin Convention

Salvete Omnes!

We have twelve students competing this year, up from four students just two years ago. Check back here for updates starting tomorrow! We're hoping to post updates and photos throughout the convention.