Monday, September 29, 2008

Eques for life on Youtube

Here is eques for life Juliana Bridge in a Youtube video recording of a Latin dialogue at Wyoming Catholic College. Congrats for making the big time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sancta Missa

I may have linked to this before, but since we are talking about going to a Latin Mass, I thought this might be useful to prepare for it. Sancta Missa has everything you would want to know about the 1962 missal, including videos, chants, rubrics, and spirituality.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Latin LIves Online Newspaper

They are looking for staff and subscribers. Here are the details:
Dear Recipients of This E-mail:

Latin Lives is a small online
newspaper produced by high school students. We are currently looking this coming year's staff (editors, a tech.-coordinator, and writers) and subscribers. The attached document includes more information on the newspaper as well as how to apply and/or subscribe to Latin Lives. Students, please take the time to apply for a staff position; the applications are due Monday, October 6, 2008. Teachers, please share this information with your students and fellow Latin teachers; you are the main medium through which Latin Lives can disseminate information to potential staff
members. Anyone is welcome to subscribe to the newspaper. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact David Davenport, Editor-in-Chief, at

Thank You,
David Davenport

Latin Lives Newspaper

General Information

Lives is a small, online newspaper run entirely by high school students across the nation, and the paper publishes quarterly throughout the September-to-June
school year (October, December, February, and April.) A high school student in California revived the paper three years ago. It is a small paper that publishes bimonthly over the course of the school year—in October, December, February, and April—with many opportunities to become involved. Because the goal of the newspaper is to connect people’s lives through the Classics, a variety of Classical topics are covered in the newspaper. Currently, we are searching for editors, a tech. coordinator, as many contributing writers as possible, and subscribers.

The responsibilities of each staff position and application information follows as well as information about subscribing.

Please read the guidelines for each position below. If you are interested in applying for a position, please send in an application by Monday, October 6, 2008. Please e-mail applications and any questions you may have to David Davenport, Editor-in-Chief, at with the appropriate subject matter that follows: (last name)- Applying for (staff position) OR (last name)- Question.

With your application please send the following information:






Also remember to include any other information listed under the job description for the position to which you are applying.
Please note that by submitting your application, you are committing yourself to the responsibilities listed under each staff position should you be selected. If you feel you can not fulfill these responsibilities please do NOT submit an application. Latin Lives’ success is possible only though the commitment of its staff to fulfilling their responsibilities to the newspaper.


Editors will be responsible for proof-reading articles (about five per issue), soliciting article submissions from classmates, suggesting article topics, and occasionally writing articles.

To apply for the position of editor, please read the sample paragraph (on the last page of this document) and send back a corrected copy including any grammatical or stylistic corrections you would make to it. Additionally, submit a list of your qualifications for the position (any previous newspaper or writing experience, etc.) and a brief essay 100-200 words explaining why you would like the position and what you could bring to Latin Lives.

NB: Any applicant not selected to be an editor is welcome to later join the staff as a contributing writer.


The tech. coordinator will be responsible for building and maintaining a new Latin Lives website (i.e. posting new articles) as well as distributing the newspaper to subscribers.

To apply for the
position of tech. coordinator, please submit a list of your qualifications for the position (any previous tech. experience, etc.) and a list of previous websites you have built. In the list please include the URLs for any website(s) (including blogs) of yours that is currently accessible. Additionally, submit a brief essay 100-200 words explaining why you would like the position and what you could bring to Latin Lives.

NB: Any applicant not selected to be the tech. coordinator is welcome to later join the staff as a contributing writer.


Any Latin student is encouraged to submit articles to Latin Lives. Because we publish only four times throughout the year, we do expect most contributing writers to submit an article for each edition of the paper.

If you would like to add your name to the list of official contributors, send David Davenport an e-mail with the required information listed above (name, school, etc.), and he will send you periodic e-mails listing possible article topics and informing you of the deadlines for submissions. Becoming a Latin Lives contributing writer is a great way to get your writing published online!

There is not a specific word limit, but, in general, a desirable length is between half-a-page and a page single spaced. Also, even though topic suggestions will be sent out, any Classical topic—ranging from a Latin club event to a Classical myth to even JFK’s use of Ciceronian rhetoric—is acceptable. Writers are encouraged to write about topics that interest them and those they think may interest others.

Any applicant who is not selected for other positions will have the opportunity to
become writers.


Anyone is welcome to subscribe to Latin Lives! If you would like your name on the list of official subscribers or have any questions, please send David Davenport an e-mail at with the subject matter that follows: (last name)- Subscribing. In the e-mail please include your:



Occupation (e.g. Teacher or


The purpose of this additional information is to help keep track of our subscribers and to get an understanding of our subscription base. If you do not feel comfortable releasing any of the information above, it is perfectly acceptable to send just an e-mail address.

Thank you for taking the time to subscribe or apply to Latin Lives. The success of another year of Latin Lives is wholly dependent on the dedication of its staff and the interest of its subscribers.

Latina Vivat,

Application- Sample

In my school, ou don’t have to take latin. But i wanted to. So I learned Latin one in magistra Martins class, period 5. I wanted to learn about latin so to help my s.a.t. scores, due to the fact that Latin improves your vocabulary. Plus I enjoy roman and greek stuff, like gladiaters and mythology. Their cool. I’m glad I taking Latin and I hope I’d take it again next year, maybe even learn Greek someday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


DSC_7461, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Tiresias and Odysseus

DSC_7470, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Odysseus at the Gates of Hades

DSC_7482, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Odysseus and the Shades

DSC_7465, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Latin Club Meeting - September 2008