2009 State

Any competition in which any of our students placed within the top ten scores for that event or test earned points for the school. We placed 2nd in qualitative points overall (total number of points divided by number of students) and 10th in simple quantitative points.

Written Tests:

Level One:

Grammar 5th E.G. 9th J.S.
Greek History, Literature and Life 6th P.F.
Latin Derivatives 7th I.F. 7th P.F. 8th J.S.
Mottoes 7th E.G. 8th P.F. 9th I.F.
Mythology 4th P.F. 7th J.S.
Pentathlon 6th P.F. 6th E.G. 10th J.S.
Reading 2nd E.G. 5th I.F. 10th P.F.
Roman History 6th E.G.
Roman Private Life 1st I.F. 7th E.G. 8th P.F.
Vocabulary 9th E.G. 10th P.F.

Level Two:

Latin Derivatives 5th A.S. 7th C.G. 7th M.Z.
Mythology 1st A.S.
Pentathlon 10th A.S.
Team Sight Reading 4th A.S. 4th E.Z.

Level Three:

Greek Derivatives and Vocabulary 7th M.B.
Greek History, Literature and Life 9th M.B.
Latin Derivatives 6th M.B. 9th JVH
Mythology 3rd M.B. 7th JVH
Pentathlon 8th MB
Reading 9th JVH
Roman Private Life 9th MB 9th JVH
Vocabulary 6th MB 8th JVH

Level Four:

Greek Derivatives and Vocabulary 7th N.G.
Greek History, Literature and Life 6th N.G.
Latin Derivatives 5th N.G.
Mottoes 8th N.G.
Pentathlon 8th N.G.
Vocabulary 5th N.G.

Other Competitions:

Level I Certamen - 3rd place

Team Sight Reading, Level 2 - 4th place A.S. and E.Z.

Team Sight Reading, Advanced - 2nd place M.B. and N.G.

War Machines, small - 2nd place

Costume Contest:

Couples: 1st place M.Z. and P.F, 4th place E.G. and J.S.
Boys: 1st place L.M., 2nd place A.S.
Girls: 8th place JVH


Scrapbook - 2nd place
Drawing: 9th place A.S.
Games, etc.: 9th place P.F.

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