Sunday, March 03, 2013

Latin Broadcasts From Finnish Radio Station

Hey Guys , 

Here is a link that was passed on to me by one of our illustrious former members. It's to a Finnish radio station that does a weekly broadcast in Latin. The link is for one they did about Pope Ameritus Benidict XVI stepping down. Vale!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Quick results

2nd place qualitative
2nd place small school spirit
1st place scrapbook
1st place t-shirt
AG 6th place all around
AG 2nd place girl's costume
AF & MVH 3rd place couples costume
MVH 4th place drawing

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This ' n ' that

MVH was a zombie for roll call (with AF as a hippie). He was a pretty big hit (his height didn't hurt). He got a lot of comments while walking around afterwards (and they had really good applause too). One girl said in passing a few hours after roll call, "Oh, you're the zombie! You're famous!"

I was really proud of the kids who all took all or most of the tests. The only one skipped was Greek derivatives by those who couldn't read the Greek alphabet.

Everyone's been busy with impromptu oratory and essay and registering for everything. And even the gluten-free people got good pizza!!!

More photos!

WJCL Convention 2013 is underway

Salvete omnes!  I am very pleased to report that the WJCL State Latin Convention is underway and filled as always with lots of spirit, teamwork, cool art, amazing costumes, crazy hair and even a zombie. Here are a few pictures from the start of our evening. The students are in the midst of written tests now and looking forward to pizza afterwards (I imagine). Valete!  Magistra VH